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Sirona™ Specialties Quick Gloss 82117

Sirona™ Specialties Quick Gloss 82117

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This easy-to-apply polish and cleaner protects, waterproofs and seals spa surfaces to prevent fading and oxidation. The unique Sirona formulation is designed to achieve maximum durability, water repellency and shine and is unaffected by sunlight, temperature or chemicals.

  • Quick Gloss is compatible with all sanitizers and spa finishes
  • Creates a waterproof, repellent layer over your spa and hot tub surfaces with easy-to-apply polish
  • Polishes and shines spa and hot tub surfaces to minimize fading and oxidation, so your spa stays clean
  • Ensures maximum durability and protection against sunlight, temperature changes and chemicals
  • Shake the formula well, apply to dry surfaces, wait 10 minutes and wipe off
  • Sirona Specialties maintain restorative spa water and transform every spa into a soothing sanctuary

Available size(s): 16 fl. oz.

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