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25" Dimplex Revillusion® Plug-In Birch Log Set RLG25BR

25" Dimplex Revillusion® Plug-In Birch Log Set RLG25BR

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Capture the essence of a rustic escape with the RLG faux birch wood log insert. The soft, parchment-like quality of birch bark provides a neutral compliment for the gentle flames rising from the grate that cradles them.

  • Lifelike natural looking birch wood. Finished for added realism, the collection of birch wood makes for an authentic traditional fireplace with flare.
  • For added natural charm, the birch wood will add to the realistic Revillusion electric fireplace experience.
  • Brighten your fireplace with true to life birch wood.
  • For an authentic fireplace experience, the Revillusion produces flames that are larger, brighter and more random, appearing from within the logs.


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