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American Fireglass

American Fireglass 24" Double-Ring Stainless Steel Burner with a 1/2" Inlet SS-FR-24

American Fireglass 24" Double-Ring Stainless Steel Burner with a 1/2" Inlet SS-FR-24

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24" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner

Any night is a great night for an outdoor fire with close family and friends; especially those chilly winter nights! There is nothing better than to huddle close to the warm, brightly burning fire pit, watching the dazzling fire glass display and enjoying some refreshments and lovely conversations. However, if you want to help your customers organize a truly memorable outdoor fire display, you need to ensure you recommend the right equipment, including our 24" fire pit ring burner!

Designed to Impress, Easy to Install

Our high quality 24" fire pit ring burner is designed to delight all onlookers with its amazing flame. The double concentric ring design increases the overall diameter of the burner, allowing for a truly realistic and evenly distributed flame. Furthermore, the burner holes have been drilled, not punched, which means no whistling noises are produced. Our burner also comes with a convenient ½ inch gas inlet for easy connection to a natural or propane gas supply.

Extremely Durable & Long Lasting

Made of 304 stainless steel, our 24" fire pit ring burner is not only elegant to behold, but also very durable. It can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather without any damage or discoloration. It will last your customers for many years to come!

To be used with 2 - 4 inches of fire glass for the most spectacular effect!

(Note: The burner diameter should be at least 6" shorter than the interior dimensions of the fire pit it is to be used in.)

24" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner Specifications

  • SKU: SS-FR-24
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Material: Hand crafted with high quality 304 stainless steel.
  • Weight: 6.2 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 24" double ring with 1/2" center inlet
  • Features: Holes are drilled and not punched (punched holes can cause a loud whistle)
  • Fire glass required: To be used with a 2 - 4 inch layer of fire glass for best effec (not included)
  • Application: For use in outdoor vented natural or propane gas burning fire features ONLY.
  • Heat Rating: 297,000 B.T.U/Hour rating maximum
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